Living & Vacationing in Belize Videos


Diamante boasts one of the most coveted locations on the island and is designed in luxury; built with the utmost attention to structural integrity and energy efficiency. This construction is paramount given the exposure to the elements in this idyllic seafront location. One of our Diamante Belize videos is here on :


WAYO’S Beach Bar

WAYO’S Beach Bar is a local favorite and most know the owner – his name is Wayo. Truth is a lady runs this place very well. It used to be a beach bar, but recently joined the over the water trend. Ceviche is good and quesadillas both huge and tasty. Watch our video of Wayo’s here on


Palapa Bar & Grill

PALAPA BAR: This is the Daddy of all Island over-the-water bars and restaurants on the island, It used to be located far to the North, but was moved to town just a few years ago. Customers floating in tubes enjoy one of the greatest swimming holes on the island.  Blue and clear as can be. Bucket of 6 beers often travel along a rope to thirsty swimmers below. Watch our video of Palapa Bar here on


Casa Pan Dulce

Casa Pan Dulce  – Our local bakery was started from home by Andre and has grown to occupy a 4 story building near Boca del Rio and a second location in the center of town on Middle Street. All the sweets you can eat – cake, pies, bread. doughnuts – they have it all. See our video of Casa Pan Dulce on or here:



Island living is more enjoyable by taking small trips to your favorite vendor for fresh as can be fruit, and visiting the butcher shop to order the select cuts you prefer  Maybe best of all is choosing between a fresh baguette or croissant in the French Bakery or heading to Casa Pan Dulce for an enormous offering of breads, cakes, and pastries. But if you want to shop American Style at a gigantic supermarket, we have one that is a full block long, and filled with international cheeses, coffees, wines, and all the products you use at home. Click below for our video of Super Buy on  :